In Panarea the ambulance is there but remains parked. The cry of the inhabitants: “Unblock the bureaucracy”


By John

Everything seemed resolved. But no. And the people of Panarello, once again, have to deal with emergency rooms arranged with private electric vehicles made available by the islanders. From 7 July until the end of September, on the island of Panarea there were two rescuer drivers and an ambulance in the medical emergency premises. The vehicle, owned by the civil protection of the municipality of Lipari, was granted on free loan to the Asp. In October, however, as the embittered islanders point out, it was back “in nobody’s hands”. And in recent months, they reiterate, there has been “a continuous shifting of responsibilities between the municipality and 118”.

Two operations in less than a month were carried out with an electric car, despite having an ambulance parked and despite the kids on the island having an association and a training course. It’s the almost unanimous cry. And the continuous inconveniences come to mind, such as the recent Apecar rescues, on August 15th, in the middle of the season. Or the images, which went viral, of those who pushed the old ambulance by hand which left those in need of assistance stranded: “On the island – says a group of inhabitants – there are some willing young people with an association and a training course Yet, they cannot use the ambulance. We are held back by bureaucracy. And unfortunately, it is always the citizens who pay the consequences. Why not give these kids prior authorization and allow them to use the ambulance? It is absurd that remain parked and immobile.”