Cosenza can now count on Florenzi. It offers various application solutions


By John

A generous and at times quality performance was not enough for Cosenza to add points to their ranking in the match against Cremonese.
The rossoblù team surrendered to Stroppa’s grey-reds due to some fatal defensive errors. Two naiveties that cost dearly. The Sila team scored an equalizer just after receiving the first gray-red slap. Mazzocchi’s 1-1, however, had no psychological repercussions on the Lombards, who immediately afterwards saved themselves at the last minute when Tutino flew towards the opponent’s goal following Venturi’s immediate throw. A plot that the Caserta team has often sought, that of deep verticalisation, to surprise the high guest rearguard from behind.
The Neapolitan striker also had two opportunities in the first half to break the 0-0. The unexploited opportunities penalized the rossoblù, who were not very reactive in the two actions that led to the goals of their rivals. In the first case, the guests combined with extreme simplicity in the Cosenza penalty area, leading Collocolo to shoot, a former player with a bad tooth and still scoring against his past under the eyes of his pygmalion Enzo Patania, present in the stands.
In the second, Micai let himself be preceded by Coda, who did well to pass between Venturi and D’Orazio. After remaining unbeaten against Palermo, the rearguard raised the shutters again.
The small consolation for Cosenza was represented by the return to the field of Aldo Florenzi. The midfielder from Nuoro had not taken the field since the return playout match on June 1st, in Brescia. The twenty-one year old still needs time to return to being a determining factor in the Sila team’s progress, in the meantime, Caserta has opted to begin inserting him. Upon entering the field, number 34 occupied the position of high right winger.
With the new game system this could be the position occupied by the midfielder, which has already broadened its range of action with Dionigi and Viali. The Reggio coach, however, will now have to deal with the absence of Federico Zuccon, whose recovery time is currently unknown. The player owned by Atalanta, however, could be missing for a while and therefore, Florenzi – when he is better from a physical point of view – could also be commissioned to play the midfield position next to Calò. This is also a role that he has already taken on in particular circumstances in the recent past.
With Cremonese, in the meantime, the role has been occupied by Idriz Voca, although Caserta would like players with other characteristics in that area. The Kosovar, however, responded with a positive performance as long as he remained on the pitch. Against Pisa it should be his turn again, demonstrating the fact that at the moment he remains ahead of Viviani. For the trip to Tuscany, therefore, the main line-up doubts could still concern the attack. Mazzocchi – scoring for the second consecutive time at home – claims space.