Ponte Stretto, Occhiuto: let’s name it after Silvio Berlusconi, let’s make his dream come true


By John

“I would like the Strait Bridge, which will be the most important public work in Italy, to be named after the great man who inspired it: Silvio Berlusconi”. The president of the Calabria Region said it, Roberto Occhiuto, speaking at the Forza Italia convention underway in Paestum.

“It was a work opposed for many years because it had become ideological, as if it were Berlusconi’s Bridge. Opposed by the left more for this than for practical reasons. President Schifani is right when he says that it is a very important infrastructure for Calabria and Sicily, also from an employment point of view. It would be nice if the Bridge could be an attractor for other important infrastructures. Just as happened with the construction of the Autostrada del Sole, when at the time it was said that a great project was being built in the absence of ordinary roads. Then, however, the other road infrastructures were also built with the motorway. Therefore, I am convinced that the Bridge can also be a great attractor for other works. In fact, I thank the government because I managed to obtain 3 billion euros for the Statale 106, and I am now looking for further funds for a section of the A2. The Bridge must not represent a cathedral in the desert, but rather a public work that accelerates the creation of other complementary infrastructures. It would be nice if today, together with Salini, two regional presidents of Forza Italia made this dream of Berlusconi’s come true”, underlined governor Occhiuto.