Cosenza capital of culture 2026, anticipation is growing in the Municipality


By John

The adrenaline rises at Palazzo dei Bruzi. Yes, because next Friday a new and important step is expected towards the goal of being the Italian capital of culture 2026, for which sixteen locations scattered along the country are in the running, including the capital of Bruzio. Therefore, a further selection is scheduled for Friday, which will reduce the number of contenders to the final on March 29th to ten, when the winner will emerge from the hat.
The Franz Caruso municipal administration has put in place all the necessary energy so that aspirations can be transformed into reality, presenting to the competent Ministry a dossier full of identifying elements, spread between historical roots and projects that look to the future, some in progress works, others in the pipeline, attributable to the CIS (Institutional Development Contracts) and the Urban Agenda.