Donadoni arriving in Santa Lucia del Mela as a guest of the Milan club “Marco Van Basten”


By John

Another exceptional guest after those of the recent past such as Franco Baresi, Luca Serafini and Nelson Dida. In Santa Lucia del Mela, guest of the Milan club “Marco Van Basten”, arrives the former Rossoneri footballer Roberto Donadoni, right winger for over a decade and a point of reference for the Devil but also for the Italian national team. As a coach he managed Lecco, Livorno, Genoa, Naples, Cagliari, Parma, Bologna, Shenzhen but also the national team in the two-year period 2006-2008.
He will arrive in Sicily on Sunday 10 December, for a conference-presentation at the Palazzo ex Carcere at 6pm (the editor of the Gazzetta del Sud, Emanuele Rigano, will also participate in the debate), then a dinner in a restaurant in the Tyrrhenian municipality.
President Felice Gitto, who is also Aimc Sicilia delegate, is proud of this other initiative: «We are ready to welcome with open arms another great protagonist of the Rossoneri history, it will be a moment of great participation dedicated to our members but not only, given that he is a character who made the history of Italian football on the pitch but also on the bench, with experience in various important places.”