Cosenza Democratic Party hit by controversy after councilors’ expulsion


By John

The internal fractures, the furrows dug between the “currents” and the purged. The troubles of the Democratic Party are told by the provincial secretary, Vittorio Pecorarowhen he declares to our newspaper: «On the subject of expulsions, beyond the individual case, we have a wider problem in pCosenza province and not only that. There are many leaders who live in a situation of irregularity with respect to their presence in the party, starting from those who did not run with us in the administrative elections up to those who publicly did not vote in the European elections. Therefore, a general political evaluation will be needed to be made with the regional Party». The expulsion from the party of the municipal councilors Tinto, Graziadio and Trecroci is destined to open a heated debate in the largest party of the left. A party in which the vice president of the regional council, Franco Iacucci and the group leader in the Region, Mimmo Bevacqua, distance themselves from the provincial guarantee commission, led by former mayor Salvatore Perugini, who decided to remove the “dissidents”. Yes, the three “expelled” who indicate Nicola Adamo as the “director” of their purge and of the daily choices made by the party. A party, moreover, that has lost along the way the deputy mayor Maria Pia Funaro, who landed in the Verdi-Sinistra alliance after having slammed the door because she was “dismissed” by mayor Caruso without anyone defending her (quite the opposite, actually).
And when Pecoraro talks about other situations – different from that relating to the Tinto, Graziadio and Trecroci affair – he probably means Rosellina Madeo, provincial councilor and outgoing group leader of the Democratic Party in Corigliano Rossano who ran again on a different list from the Democrats, achieved great personal success and is running for the office of president of the municipal assembly in the Ionian city. A “hot” case for the political leadership not only of the province but also of the region. Legitimate question: will she be expelled? Will the guarantee commission be activated? Quite a puzzle. Another question: who are those who voted for others in the European elections? Who is the secretary angry with? Some are pointing the finger at Antonio Tursi, a minority exponent of the party seen around a bit too much – or so say the malevolent comrades of the Democratic Party – with the former president of the INPS Pasquale Tridico, elected by popular acclaim in Strasbourg and also the most voted in the capital of Bruzio.
But let’s get back to the purged. Francesco Graziadio is lapidary: “We remain in the majority and do not intend to leave the PD”. The three councilors remain with their autonomous group “Democracy and Participation” in the council without giving up carrying on an internal battle. The climate among the Democrats is like… “knife brothers”.