Cosenza, differentiated autonomy: the CGIL defends Msgr. Checchinato after the League’s attacks


By John

Letter of defense from the CGIL for the archbishop of Cosenza-Bisignano: “Monsignor Giovanni Checchinato, he certainly does not need the defense of the CGIL or anyone else. Don Gianni is authoritative enough to defend himself alone from instrumental attacks by representatives of a pseudo party, Salvini’s League, which for many years has been doing nothing but causing damage to Calabria and the entire South. We should say thank you to Monsignor Checchinato, as well as to the entire Calabrian Episcopal Conference, for the continuous positions taken in defense of Calabria and against very specific “phenomena” that have and are clipping the wings of development in this Region of ours. Monsignor Giovanni Checchinato, since his arrival in the city, has been sowing small seeds every day for a “new spring” in Cosenza, especially with regards to the protection of the last and many “invisible” present in our city. An action, that of Monsignor Checchinato, done in absolute silence, without outcry, with few words and many facts and, above all, without ever appearing. He is working, together with all the Calabrian bishops, to give “hope” to this tormented land prey to miserable politicians. This context includes the strong stance taken by the entire Calabrian Episcopal Conference against Differentiated Autonomy, which “would create a strong division in the country and increase social inequalities”. To have these free men who have the strength to stand up with courage and determination against a secessionist and violent bill! To say that Don Gianni is on a political side is instrumental and not true. Don Gianni is for the unity of the country and for the defense of the weakest. Don Gianni, with his continuous stances against Differentiated Autonomy, has done and does what many Calabrian politicians should do: defend their land, defend the public health system, schools, jobs. Because with differentiated autonomy all this will be called into question. We are living in one of the most dramatic and difficult periods in our national history and we understand how anyone wants to measure themselves with the arduous but necessary task of changing society, from men like the bishop of Cosenza or the bishop of Cassano”.

The prelate was attacked yesterday by League which, through the city coordinator Leo Battaglia he had defined «Bishop Checchinato as the victim of a political trap without his knowledge» for having participated in the conference “No to differentiated autonomy, yes to a united Italy of Municipalities”. «I take the liberty, as a Catholic and as a local political leader of my community , to address to the Archbishop of Cosenza-Bisignano, Giovanni Checchinato, an observation of merit that a craftsman of present and future history as he has recently defined himself will certainly be able to gather – he said -. I am a convinced Northern League supporter and therefore a profound supporter of differentiated autonomy. I respect your position, which is diametrically opposed to ours, and I hope that a Pastor of souls does not divide his Diocese into good and bad.”