Cosenza does not want to get by. Now same mentality against Ascoli


By John

Go beyond. That’s what the Cosenza of mister Caserta after the defeat of Italian Cup against the Sassuolo. And not because the score was heavy (5-2).

Going further, in this case, means not thinking about the passive of the match against the Emilians. A gap that matured during extra time, when Dionisi’s team, with one man and one goal ahead, played with the wind in their sails. Once the fear had passed, Mulattieri and his teammates relaxed, taking advantage of the discomfort that reigned in the rossoblù house. Yes, fear, because for over 90 minutes, the “wolves” gnashed their teeth showing what they were capable of, even against a Serie A opponent. It went badly, but Cosenza fought it out without fear, with conviction .

Tactical weapon

Caserta does not want to be a “normalizer”. In the recent past, several coaches have adapted to proposing school football without too many pretensions. Caserta wants to inspire. The Calabrian coach immediately made it clear that his will be a proactive Cosenza. The first surprise was given by placing Voca on the trocar with the license to cage the brain of Sassuolo, that Maxime Lopez who gained confidence and field only when the rossoblù midfielder loosened his grip.

Promote the new ones

Another appropriate analysis, bypassing the score, concerns the new entries. Zuccon was the man of the match (together with D’Urso), showing that personality that will serve as bread in the middle of the field. Mazzocchi, after a timid start, changed gears, also scoring the goal to make it 2-2. He also likes Tutino 2.0 a lot, a different version compared to that of the first rossoblù experience: much more present in the area, although not disdaining escapes in the lane. The penalty obtained (and then scored) is a sensational test of skill. There was also curiosity around Crespi, armored by Lazio and recently loaned after a very long negotiation. At the first useful ball he defended himself in the presence of the Serie A cuirassiers, even coming close to the goal that would have guaranteed the passage of the round and avoided the gallows of extra time.

Head to the championship

Moral of the story? Cosenza is ready. Incomplete – we repeat – but ready. The audience greeted with thunderous applause the exit of the defeated from the field. Sassuolo will not always visit Marulla. With this mentality, until proven otherwise (series B is more unpredictable than lottery drawings), it will be fun.
In the meantime, the team returned to training yesterday to prepare for the match against Ascoli. Very soft work for those who took the field from the beginning. Today new afternoon session.


The issue relating to tickets for the under 14s has caused controversy. Yesterday the organized group “Anni Ottanta” intervened: «The decision to limit the “Lupacchiotto” tickets to only 200 for each game meant that many parents were forced to buy a full ticket even for children aged 3 or 4 and in some cases to go home. We would like to remind the company of President Guarascio that free tickets for children under 14 are not a kind concession, but an obligation for sports clubs, as required by art. 11 ter of the law n. 41 of 4 April 2007. The law is very clear and does not impose any numerical limitation on the issue of tickets. We are perfectly aware that over the years there have been sly people who have taken advantage of the “wolf cub” ticket in order not to pay the full price ticket, but it is up to the company to carry out the checks and ensure that such abuses do not occur. We ask the club to revoke the limitation on “lupacchiotto” tickets as early as next Saturday’s match, otherwise we will be forced to protest even more strongly and decisively”. Activate the presale for the match against Ascoli.