Gasoline prices still on the rise: self-service on the motorway is 2.014 euros


By John

The increase in the prices of petrol and other fuels continues unabated on the occasion of the summer exodus. AND the increases are mainly on the motorways. According to the latest Mimit survey updated at 8 am today (August 12, 2023) for a liter of self-service petrol an average of 2.014 euros is spent on the motorway, self-service diesel is 1.917, LPG served at 0.841 euros, methane at 1.528 EUR. According to the latest updates processed on Friday by the daily Staffetta, again based on Mimit data, the prices on the previous motorways (those relating to Thursday) were on the motorway: self-service petrol 2.004 euros per liter (served 2.257), self-service diesel 1.899 euros per liter ( served 2.158), LPG 0.838 euros per litre, methane 1.528 euros. So all items are up except methane.

Again Staffetta signaled yesterday that petrol in the Mediterranean recorded a new record for the year: reaching a level reached in November. It would therefore be the tensions of international quotations that would spill over into the fuel market in Italy. ùA situation similar to that which, for example, occurs in France where a liter of green costs well over 2 euros. But in Italy the novelty of billboards wanted by the government to inform motorists of the average level does not seem to work. There are many doubts from the same plant managers and consumers who ask the government to study a way so that excise duties are cut automatically at too high price levels.

Among the regions, the highest average price for self-service greenery it is found in Puglia (1,968) and the same price is in the province of Bolzano. Follows the Calabria (1,966), Liguria (1,964), Basilicata (1,963), Sardinia (1,958), Valle d’Aosta (1,956), Molise (1,949), province of Trento (1,945), Sicily (1,942), Friuli Venezia Giulia (1,941), Piedmont (1,940), Tuscany and Abruzzo (1,939), Campania and Lombardy (1,938), Umbria (1,937), Lazio (1,934), Emilia Romagna (1,933). Finally, the least expensive petrol is in Veneto: 1.920 euros per litre. A few days ago, the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy indicated, in an interview with La Stampa, that the problem of expensive petrol “doesn’t concern the managers”. «The higher margins are applied by the refining companies, which we have already asked for explanations. To sum up, there is no alarm and we have already identified what is critical». The refining companies “in our opinion are applying frankly excessive margins” and on this front the minister is thought to intervene.