Cosenza, elderly spouses mistreated by their caregiver: arrested. Framed by video surveillance cameras


By John

Yesterday afternoon, State Police personnel arrested him a 60-year-old woman, of Italian nationality and resident in Cosenza, as she was responsible for the crime of mistreatment towards two elderly spouses to whom, instead, she should have provided care and assistance.

The provision comes at the conclusion of a rapid and intense investigative activity coordinated by the local Public Prosecutor’s Office and launched following a complaint/complaint filed by one of the daughters of the offended party presented at the Complaints Office of the Police Headquarters a few weeks ago.

In particular, the complainant told the police that she had hired the woman last spring as a carer for her elderly parents, aged 81 and 78 respectively, one with a heart condition and the other suffering from Alzheimer’s. Suspicious of the bruises and abrasions, which appeared mainly on her mother’s body some time later, the complainant together with her sister decided to monitor the images of the cameras positioned inside the elderly couple’s home. Last October 14th, the Volante even intervened when the Victim’s daughters, following yet another mistreatment, alerted 113 but above all the Medical Guard to ensure that the necessary treatment was given to their mother for the injuries she had sustained.

The complaint filed by the family members was supported both by the initial investigations carried out by the police from the Upgsp and by the subsequent investigations carried out by the Flying Squad. The policemen, therefore, operating within the scope of the Directives issued by the Police Commissioner of Cosenza, Dr. Giuseppe Cannizzarohave submitted the initial findings to the Judicial Authority.

The rather dramatic picture returned by viewing the images recorded by the cameras installed inside the home of the elderly couple provided ample and clear documentation of the mistreatment suffered by the victims. In fact, in some frames, the suspect was immortalized in the act of slapping and punching the elderly woman while she was busy eating her lunch or in the act of pulling her by the ears to encourage her to walk until forcibly feeding her even with the use of a sharp knife. Added to this were also the testimonies and medical reports documenting the old woman’s injuries.

The investigative activity coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Cosenza directed by the Chief Prosecutor Dr Mario Spagnuolo, made it possible to ascertain the contested crimes and to bring the woman to justice who was tracked down by the Flying Squad and UPGSP policemen who ‘they were subjected to the measure of house arrest.