Cosenza, Gemmi's week: in the event of a third term, the priority would be the redemption of Tutino


By John

The week that has just begun should be the key one for the sporting director's inbox. Roberto Gemmi returns to the city at this time and, therefore, the meeting with president Eugenio Guarascio should take place within a couple of days. If the projects of the two were to converge then Gemmi 3.0 would begin on the banks of the Crati.
The Neapolitan sporting director obtained salvation through the double playout played against Brescia in the first year and came close to qualifying for the playoffs in the second. From the perspective of the millimeters to which he referred several times during his public interventions made in recent months, Cosenza has progressed from a technical point of view. The third mandate, however, passes through the need to continue to develop the path “upward”, to maintain the growing parable and sow further enthusiasm in the environment.
Continuity Gemmi's reconfirmation would allow the rossoblù to quickly get out of the starting blocks to plan for next year. Otherwise, the top Silan manager will have to appoint his successor quickly so as not to see the “advantage” accumulated compared to previous seasons evaporate. Twelve months ago, the guarantee of remaining in the cadetship did not arrive until June 1st.
This year, Cosenza closed the case 31 days early (in the May 1st match against Ascoli: ndc). The championship ended ten days ago but, for the moment, no developments have followed. Gemmi's permanence would allow the rossoblù to advance according to a continuity line often expressed by the Via degli Stadi club. The story is followed with great interest by William Viali, who only last March signed a fifteen-month contract, until 30 June 2025. The coach is confident of maintaining the support of the sporting director who wanted him back on the Sila bench following the Fabio Caserta's dismissal. The two have already shared part of the last two seasons, a factor that would make the start of the operational machine more agile.
Work Hot topics remain on the table. From the redemption of Gennaro Tutino, much invoked by the Sila supporters, to that of Simone Mazzocchi, a player who has had ample space in the squad for this championship. The future also passes through some renewal negotiations.
Here, at the top of the list, the name of Andrea Meroni stands out. The central defender from Monza, who returned to Cosenza in the summer of 2022, suffered a period of absence due to a physical problem but, despite this, he confirmed himself as a fundamental piece of the defensive package, as had already happened in the second part of the championship 2022-2023 when, with his promotion to the role of “starter”, the numbers of the rearguard improved significantly.