Great Britain, Sunak calls general elections on 4 July: “Let's build on the progress made”


By John

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – that has called elections in the United Kingdom for next July 4th– said that “the time has come for Great Britain to choose its future”. «Deciding whether we want to build on the progress we have made, or risk returning to square one without a plan and without certainties». In pouring rain, at the end of the government cabinet meeting in Downing Street, the prime minister recalled that he came to government «promising economic stability». «And thanks to collective effort, we have achieved two milestones: our economy is growing faster than anyone expected and inflation has returned to normal. This is proof that our priorities are working.” For Sunak, the United Kingdom will now have to choose between the Conservatives and Keir Starmer's Labor Party, which however “would be like going back to square one.”

Sunak's announcement took everyone by surprise, given the advantage of around 20 points that the polls give to the Labor Party over the Tories (enough to obtain an absolute majority). Furthermore, just three weeks ago, there were municipal elections in which the conservatives achieved terrible results, losing half of their councilors in the localities where voting was held.