Cosenza is banking on the strength of its former players for the match against Palermo


By John

The spotlights of the “Barbera” will return tomorrow evening to show the figure of Gennaro Tutino to the Palermo fans. The Neapolitan striker, in the second part of last season, returned to the south to relaunch his professional career. The warmth of the Palermo square, however, was not enough to allow him to come close to the numbers signed with Salernitana before moving to Parma. During his months with the rosanero shirt, Tutino scored only three goals in 18 appearances. He has already scored the same number of goals this year with the Cosenza shirt between the championship and the Italian Cup. He is now chasing the fourth, which he missed against Sudtirol. A goal that would also be the first away from “Marulla”. And he will do it at the home of what was his last team, in a match that will evoke many memories for several other members of the Cosenza squad as well. Starting with Andrea Rispoliwhich now de facto has at least a piece of its heart in the Sicilian city. For Dario La Vardera, however, the Sicilian capital represents his hometown but also the company with which he took his first steps before landing on the banks of the Crati. Alessandro Micai and Leonardo Marson also wore the Sicilian shirt, the latter the Primavera one. Armando Perna, a close collaborator of Roberto Gemmi, then trained in the Rosanero youth sector. The Sila deputy director also collected his first attendance fees among the teachers with the team he supported as a child.


Only one victory for Cosenza in the fourteen matches in which they were hosted by Palermo. The data refers to the blitz carried out on 12 January 1997. On that occasion, the Wolves conquered the Sicilian pitch thanks to the goals scored by Pasquale Logarzo, Salvatore Miceli and Stefano Guidoni. The Rosanero’s momentary equalizer was scored at the start of the second half by Biffi. For the rest there was little satisfaction: 6 draws and 7 defeats. In the most recent match, last Easter Monday, however, the rossoblù snatched a precious goalless draw. Cosenza also emerged unscathed on 23 December 2001 (1-1, Zaniolo for the Sila, Guidoni for the Palermo), and on 11 April 1998 (2-2: Margiotta and Fresta for the Rossoblù; Triuzzi again for the hosts ), on 1 October 1995 (Lucarelli’s reply to Scarafoni’s initial home advantage), on 12 January 1992 (Cecconi’s own goal deceived Cosenza, joined by Centofanti) and on 14 June 1964 (2-2: Fontana and Marmiroli among the scores of Malavasi and Spagni for the Sicilians).


This afternoon, Fabio Caserta’s team will carry out the finishing touches before leaving for Palermo. Melito Porto Salvo’s coach will speak at the press conference before it. Yesterday, meanwhile, the rossoblù group continued to work to develop the game plan for the “Barbera” match. Pietro Martino continues his differentiated work. D’Orazio and his teammates, at the “Marulla”, carried out exercises to build the maneuver and then prepared some schemes on inactive ball. One of these last Saturday produced Venturi’s illusory advantage, before Sudtirol’s comeback and the final equalizer scored by Mazzocchi. The Milanese striker is eager to regain a starting shirt. Forward, possible trident with Marras, on the right, and Tutino, in the center.


Tomorrow evening’s match will be directed by Marco Monaldi from Macerata. The whistle from the Marche region has no precedent with the rossoblù first team. On one occasion he instead managed the Primavera: 2018-2019 season; away defeat against Frosinone 3-1. The match director refereed Palermo on two occasions. With him, the rosanero achieved a draw (in March last year against Fidelis Andria) and a victory (3-0 against Foggia in October 2021). The assistants for the advance match of the sixth day will be Passeri and Costanzo. Fourth official Delrio. Var: Nasca. Avar: Paternal.