Cosenza is the true “seal” of Guarascio


By John

In the story Onesie the true “seal”, without detracting from the value of the one conferred by the city of Cosenza and delivered by mayor Franz Caruso President Eugenio affixed it to the Neapolitan bomber Guarascio.
In one fell swoop, after having disappeared for a week, immersed in his thoughts, but with clear ideas on what to do, he checkmated his counterpart, retaining an important player, gaining the trust and support of the entire fan base.
An operation with which he made some things clear: his passion for football is growing, his knowledge as well, taking Cosenza far (in the ears of a few he whispered that that goal he has been looking towards for some time always attracts him more). Moreover, the failure to reach the playoffs in the recently concluded championship is a difficult pill to swallow. Cosenza, for three months, was clinging to the top of the table, maintaining a safe distance from the back. Despite good investments on the market, we were unable to launch the decisive assault. Indeed, the team almost risked being mocked. A season finale that Guarascio didn't like. Hence the decision to reverse course and start a new course. In the “redemption” of Tutino (under contract until 2026), having said that it is a historic operation on an economic level given the figure and the place, there is also that of an entrepreneur-publisher-sports-political manager, who he lets everything slide over him like it was nothing. Only in recent months, thanks to the team's results, has a thaw arrived with the rossoblù people who have always hated, contested and criticized him (banners, chants at home and away, however, have not affected him or made him retreat). Guarascio has always gone his own way because he has that little thing in his head.
This is why he closed himself off, after the demonstration in the Town Hall organized to reward Gennaro Tutino, he answered a few on the phone, he consulted with some close collaborators, the usual trusted friends and above all with the one who would soon become the new general director of the Sila club, Beppe Ursino (she will be a precious hen for sporting director Delvecchio), another important “seal”, a profound knowledge of football, good at human relationships, which has been missing since the days of Di Marzio or if we want to go even further back in time, by Roberto Ranzani. A marriage that had been smoldering under the ashes, perhaps for years, and which Guarascio made official at the right time. So now the president no longer finds himself alone. The operation completed days ago against the wishes of Tutino's agent, Mario Giuffredi, with the player in silence, confirms his skills as an entrepreneur who is also starting to enter into the mechanisms of football. Great flair, stubbornness and determination. Characteristics without which he would have abandoned Cosenza football. Massacred by the fans, he instead continued on, convinced of what he was doing. The Tutino affair confirms, if any were needed, that he doesn't want to give up, now that the game is getting more interesting. Whatever it takes. Thirteen years have passed since he took over the reins of the rossoblù association, pushed by the then mayor Mario Occhiuto to revive the fortunes of Cosenza football, leading a group of entrepreneurs who quickly dissolved into thin air. Everyone, except Eugenio Guarascio. From then on, joys and sorrows. But Serie B is still a certainty. The Tutino move is not accidental. Mayor Caruso is warned: the next “seal” could fall to the patron.