In the final G7 draft there is no word abortion


By John

Abortion disappears in the latest final draft of the G7 in Puglia that ANSA was able to see. The passage – according to the draft developed by the Sherpas but which has yet to pass the final examination of the leaders – states: «We reiterate our commitments expressed in the final communiqué of the G7 in Hiroshima for universal, adequate and sustainable access to health services for women, including reproductive rights.” A formulation that does not include the word “abortion”, which instead was in the final communiqué of the G7 in Japan.

Lollobrigida: abortion at G7? I don't know if it was appropriate with the Pope

«It is not for me to comment, if the presidents of the great nations, heads of state and government, have chosen not to include it in the document there will be good reasons not to do so. I don't know if it was appropriate for a G7 in which the Pope also participates, if they chose not to include it there must be a reason and a more than acceptable reason.” Thus the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida in Milan, commenting on the fact that in the draft of the G7 conclusions the point on access to abortion was eliminated.

White House: “Abortion? Biden won't give in on rights”

Joe Biden does not change his mind on rights: the White House says so regarding the abortion issue, according to what the correspondents of the Italian newspapers who travel with the US president engaged in the G7 work in Borgo Egnazia report. “Biden is not giving up on rights, he will talk about it with Prime Minister Meloni,” said National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan.

Schlein: Melons at the G7 are a national shame

«Italy should play a leading role in an international forum such as the G7, the government should promote the country's image by restoring the authority and profile it has always had at an international level. And instead the Meloni government appears before the other heads of state and government questioning a fundamental right of women such as that of choosing over their own bodies. We can't do anything about a female prime minister who doesn't defend the rights of all the other women in this country. A national disgrace, they should apologize to the country.” This was stated by the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein.