Cosenza: it's the day of answers


By John

The day of answers has arrived. This morning, at noon, the press conference to present the director general will be held Beppe Ursino and the sports director Gennaro Delvecchio.
The two, in the “Bergamini” press room, will take the floor, pronouncing the first statements since they were made official at the reins of the Wolves. For both of them it will be inevitable to avoid the two questions on everyone's lips, regarding the continuity of William Viali and Gennaro Tutino on the banks of the Crati.
In recent days, Sila society has remained very tight-lipped about the position of both. Viali's future has been called into question by the divorce between Cosenza and Roberto Gemmi, the sporting director who at two different moments of his management called him to lead the team. The two, who have formed a very solid bond in recent months, were confident of continuing their work together until a few days ago when the director realized that he was no longer part of the plans Eugenio Guarascio. The Neapolitan decided to close the door.
In a passage of the letter with which he greeted the square, he also referred to a “closure of the communication channel” which was apparently desired by the president (“I waited, in vain and well beyond the limit, for a response to my calls”, he written Gemmi).
Dynamic that generated the doubts of the Vaprio d'Adda coach with whom Ursino and Delvecchio have had contact in the last few hours. With the announcement of the press conference, therefore, it is reasonable to expect the final point on this chapter. The GM and DS will clarify whether Viali will still be the coach of Cosenza and, consequently, whether the members of his staff will also remain with him: the deputy Massimiliano Guidetti, the collaborator Simone Baroncelli, the athletic trainer Luigi Pincente and the goalkeeper Antonio Fischetti. All are linked to the Via degli Stadi club by another year of contract. It is very unlikely that Guarascio will decide to reset the area with the risk of keeping the entire package on payroll.
The case would be different if the coach in these hours has decided to embrace the project of one of the teams that have moved for him (he could follow Gemmi to Empoli but the interest of Reggiana has also circulated).
The thorn that pricks Cosenza fans most of all in these days close to the summer solstice concerns Gennaro Tutino. The Neapolitan striker has become an absolute favorite in the city. The bond, already very solid after his first two seasons in the rossoblù, has strengthened this year, in a championship that has put him on the throne of Cosenza's goalscorers in Serie B. His eventual redemption would be a real coup de théâtre. The presence of Eugenio Guarascio at this morning's conference would also be considered as the president of Sila has been missing from this type of appointment since February 2, 2022.