Cosenza, the renewal of Tutino and the future of Viali: the two “thorns” of Guarascio


By John

Two issues are taking center stage at the moment with respect to the near future of Cosenza: William Viali and Gennaro Tutino. Hours of excitement, fans in fibrillation. Two open situations but especially for the second the chances that he could be part of next season's squad are starting to fade by the hour. At this moment, barring sensational and unexpected developments, president Eugenio Guarascio is not attracted by the possibility of taking ownership of the player away from Parma by exercising the buyout option signed a year ago. The costs of the operation scare the top Silan manager, who a few weeks ago had also opened up to the possibility of the nine remaining. However, it would not be the first time that the words and moves of the number one in via degli Stadi would take different tracks.
Gennaro Tutino, who has a particularly onerous contract with the Gialloblù (he earns over 800 thousand euros, the Sila have only contributed in part to his emoluments this season), has had a fairytale year and dreams of Serie A. Cosenza's failure to redeem itself would obviously favor Parma. The Gialloblù benefited from his loan on the banks of the Crati. In the place that loves him so much, the Neapolitan scored 20 goals in the league and one goal in the Italian Cup, becoming the most prolific Italian striker between Serie A and B. His market prices have obviously soared and the Parma players, at this point, if Cosenza does not put up the 2.4 million euros foreseen by the right of redemption, they hope to collect a higher amount from his sale. Tutino, in fact, will certainly not stay in Parma. The only party among those involved who will not receive benefit from the next moves should therefore be Bruzia, who has received so much from his attacker in recent months. Without his goals, the path to ninth place, or a narrow survival, could have been much more difficult. Failure to redeem Tutino risks having a devastating effect on the environment. It would be up to Ursino and Delvecchio in the presentation press conference to explain the choices behind the company's decision. On social media, under the posts with which Cosenza announced their arrival, there were many comments from fans asking for their redemption.
To this, then, there is also the coaching issue, with the director and director committed to finding the key to the problem with Viali. The coach's departure could be the third in a short time after that of Gemmi and Tutino. This too could have repercussions. These, mainly on the morale of the squad, which is living these hours asking big questions about the upcoming objectives. Meanwhile, the new management duo is already taking precautions by looking for an alternative profile to Vaprio d'Adda's coach. This chapter will also be defined in the space of hours or at most a few days. At that point a line will be drawn and from there we will start again to plan the next season. A program that risks starting from year zero once again.