Cosenza knocked out, Cremonese extinguishes the enthusiasm with the usual Collocolo and Coda. Mazzocchi is not enough


By John

Cosenza-Cremonese 1-2

Marker: 16′ st Collocolo, 18′ Mazzocchi, 34′ st Coda.

Cosenza (4-4-2): Micai 5; Cimino 6.5 (44′ st Crespi sv), Sgarbi 6.5, Venturi 6, Fontanarosa 5.5 (32′ st D’Orazio 6); Marras 6, Voca 6.5 (13′ st Viviani 5.5), Calò 7, Canotto 5.5 (15′ st Mazzocchi 6.5); Tutino 6 (32′ st Florenzi sv), Forte 5.5. All.: Caserta.
Cremonese (3-5-2): Sarr 6; Antov 6, Radishes 6.5 Lochoshvili 5.5; Sernicola 7, Collocolo 7, Castagnetti 7 (36′ st Majer sv), Abrego 6 (25′ st Okereke 6), Zanimacchia 6.5 (25′ st Ghiglione 6); Vazquez 6 (40′ st Bertolacci sv), Coda 7 (40′ st Ciofani sv). All.: Stroppa.
Referee: Gollu of Cagliari 6.
Note: cloudy day, pitch in good condition, 4,931 spectators including 46 guests for a revenue of 38,493 euros. Booked: Lochoshvili, Fontanarosa, Rispoli. Angles: 4-7. Recovery time: 1′, 5′.

A good Cosenza bows to Cremonese. The Grigiorossi conquered “Marulla” at the end of a match full of opportunities on both sides. As often happened in previous matches, the rossoblù paid for the lack of energy in the second half. The guests have more and win.


Cosenza’s rocket start. Great pressure that yields a yellow for Lochoshvili after just 20 seconds. The first shot on goal, in the 5th minute, was by Canotto who, following a loose ball on the edge of the area, forced Sarr into an unspectacular but effective save. On the other front, Cremonese shows up with Collocolo who shoots from distance: the ball doesn’t end too far from the posts. Then Vazquez tries from the same position in the 12th minute, with no luck. Lively match. Two minutes later Canotto changes flank and serves Marras who tames the ball and shoots, grazing the post. Coda gives Cosenza shivers in the 26th minute with a diagonal shot that passes to Micai’s right. The grey-red striker is the most inspired and touches the post by kicking from distance, from a tight angle (34′). The guests push again (38′): Abrego’s header just misses the target. Very big chance for the rossoblù in the 40th minute: Calò makes a millimetric throw for Tutino who overcomes Lochoshvili’s resistance and appears in front of Sarr, kicking the post. High pace also in the second half. Castagnetti tries from 25′ and just misses the target. The Grigiorossi take better aim and the usual Collocolo (yet another goal from the former player) shoots from distance, following a lateral foul, after Castagnetti’s assist. A minute later, however, the new substitute Mazzocchi soars higher than anyone from Calò’s corner and rebalances the match. Cosenza forward on the wings of enthusiasm: Tutino launched from the back is reassembled by Ravanelli one meter from Sarr. Vazquez looks for a goal with 11′ remaining but the ball ends up wide. This is the appetizer to the new guest advantage: Sernicola crosses to the far post and Coda overtakes Micai (1-2 in the 34th minute).