Cosenza, Palazzo dei Bruzi is aiming for the 70-80% target on collection


By John

Preparatory steps have already been taken. We are only waiting for the City Council to be convened for the final approval, the meeting of which should be held in the first fortnight of June. In the background the 2023 report, the final balance that traces the administrative activity carried out during the previous year, for which the assembly's certification is needed. In the meantime, the opinion of the Auditors is awaited, which is essential for giving the green light to the important document.
The Board of Control appears to already have a fairly comprehensive picture of the situation and next Thursday, during the meeting of the specific Budget Commission, chaired by the councillor, Gianfranco Tintocould also dissect some figures and data, while, in the meantime, the same body recently invited the new sector manager in charge of Financial Services, Marco De Rito, who having recently arrived at Palazzo dei Bruzi, together with four other colleagues hired on a fixed-term basis and linked to the mayor's legislature, is still busy reeling off the numbers of the complex matter, considering the box left vacant by the then budget councilor, Francesco Giordanonever replaced in the position several months after his resignation.