Cosenza, Province budget approved by the mayors


By John

Green light from the mayors of Cosenza to the budget forecast for the financial year 2023-2025 of the Province of Cosenza. Gathered this morning, in the Meeting Room of the Palazzo in Piazza forecast 2023-2025, adopted by the Provincial Council on Friday.
The sizing of the provincial school network and the planning of the three-year training offer for the 2024/2026 period are also under the magnifying glass of the mayors’ assembly. On this point, in the presence of numerous school managers, the information from President Succurro: «School sizing – the president clarified – was born in 2022, from a decree signed Mario Draghi ratified by the Calabria Region and sent to the Provinces for implementation. The work that was done by the Province of Cosenza is very painstaking and for this I thank the Offices, the Director of the Lawyer Sector Giovanni De Rose and all those who in various capacities worked for its implementation”.
Rosaria Succurro specified that, by virtue of these rules, the Province of Cosenza was asked to cut 29 autonomies, following well-articulated guidelines from which the Authority could not escape.
The two main points of the guidelines: – Municipalities with up to 15,000 inhabitants reach autonomy with a number of pupils equal to 600 and all all-inclusive schools must be closed, with the exception of those with a number of pupils greater than 600 in disadvantaged areas – For municipalities with over fifteen thousand inhabitants, autonomy is achieved with a number of at least one thousand students: «the Calabria Region has provided us with a grid of critical issues from zero to three, where zero critical issues are those relating to large municipalities, while three the most isolated and disadvantaged municipalities. We met many mayors and school managers and trade union organizations and we set ourselves a criterion, which is that of safeguarding small towns, which represent the majority of the municipalities in our territory.”
President Succurro finally stated that the Provincial Authority is used to assuming its responsibilities and is certain of having done a good job: «it is fair to say that no school will close and the educational offer for our students will not change. For the merger, the largest school will incorporate the one with the smallest number of students.”