Gratteri’s message: “Calabrians, don’t fear the future: Dda Catanzaro moves forward”


By John

«Calabrians, don’t be afraid of the future. As I leave, the activity of the Catanzaro anti-mafia prosecutor’s office continues. The investigations will not stop, there is a team that will continue the work. Nothing ends if I leave. It would be foolish to anyone who remains in charge, pulling oars in the boat and not dealing with the investigative fate of three-quarters of Calabria.” The new prosecutor of Naples said it Nicola Gratteri speaking in Crotone at the inauguration of the «Dodò Gabriele» legality library in the Confcommercio headquarters. «We have eaten bread and poison in recent years – said Gratteri – they tried to weaken us, especially by hitting me because they had in their head that by putting me out of action the Prosecutor’s Office would stop. Instead, the Catanzaro Prosecutor’s Office is a great team and the slanderers have wasted their time. Public opinion has understood who worked in good faith and who tried to trip him up.”

During the meeting with the students of Crotone at the Apollo theatre, Gratteri reiterated the principles of his work: «We have not only built a physical prosecutor’s office by renovating the former military hospital, but we have created a method, a working mentality: a great team. We made connections between the young magistrates, to whom I jointly held important investigations, and the older ones, making them smell the DDA. In my place for this period there will be my colleague Capomolla to whom you can go and report a complaint. The added value of the Catanzaro prosecutor’s office is having put in people’s minds that change can be done. Entrepreneurs have come from the province of Crotone to report mafiosi and can continue to do so with the police and magistrates. We have freed up a lot of spaces that are up to you guys to fill.”

On his future at the helm of the Naples Prosecutor’s Office, Gratteri pointed out: «I am trained to face challenges and do new things. In Catanzaro in seven years I have always tried to improve. I’m not worried about the letters arriving from Naples, it’s someone else’s problem. I overcame the meaning and limits of fear in 1989. I listened to wiretaps where they talked about how to kill me, I’m certainly not worried about a document or letter.”