Messina FilmFestival: the Cinema&Opera shorts competition, one more month for filmmakers


By John

It will be Marco Denticiappreciated set designer for cinema, theater and opera, winner of David Donatello, Nastri d’argento and Ciak d’oro, collaborator of Bellocchio, Maselli, Corbucci and Chabrol, the President of the Jury of the Messina Film Festival – Cinema&Opera for the short film competition. He will be joined by Eugenio Tassitano, composer for cinema and theater and author of some volumes on cinema, and Lucilla Mininno, actress and director.

A particularly technical Jury which will have the task of judging works which, in most cases, due to the specificity of the theme of the competition, will be unpublished and specifically created for the festival. Works with a maximum duration of 15 minutes (including titles) in which there are stories inspired by operas or characters from operas or which have music or arias taken from operas or which have an opera theater setting can participate in the competition.

The event will take place from 1 to 8 December in the Sala Laudamo of the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele and the deadline set by the call for participation is November 10th next.
This section of the Festival, the most original, intends to promote contemporary creativity with respect to a theme, melodrama, normally considered distant from the world of youth. It is a way to measure the perception that young filmmakers have of an artistic experience which, apparently, does not seem to belong to the contemporary world and which instead increasingly highlights the universality of its stories and feelings.

While the organizational machine is moving at full speed, significant collaborations have in the meantime been signed with the three prestigious city musical associations (Filarmonica Laudamo, Associazione V. Bellini and Accademia Filarmonica), with the Cineforum Don Orione and the Officina del Sole.
The Messina Film Festival – Cinema&Opera which is reborn after a long suspension, is co-produced by the La Zattera dell’Arte Association, by the EAR Teatro di Messina, by the Regional Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, by the Municipality of Messina and also makes use of the collaboration of the Center for Film Studies of Rome and the Coordination of the Film Festival in Sicily.