Cosenza, Rende and that embrace that was hypothesized 55 years ago


By John

For months we have been discussing that attractive relaunch idea on which to base the socio-economic future of Cosenza and its immense urban area. An idea that has taken on the forms and characteristics of a single municipality, without borders, without barriers, without bell towers. Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero will soon have the soul (and body) of a single large city according to the scheme identified by the regional law modeled by the centre-right councillors. A project that is already underway given that the Omnibus law, with the modification to the regulatory process for the merger between Municipalities, has paved the way in Calabria for the conurbation between the different administrations that have followed non-harmonized economic and social development paths over the years (and realignment won't be easy). The first stone awaiting the referendum which will be limited to being merely consultative.
Campagnano will be the link between the three cities. Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero will become a single urban center which will expand over an area of ​​104.7 square kilometers with a population of 109,523 residents (based on the latest ISTAT estimates from the beginning of the year), to which should be added the group of off-site university students who live permanently in the university residences. Unical and, for rent, in private homes in modern Rendesi neighborhoods. The idea proposed by the majority regional councilors is to build the socio-economic future of Cosenza and its immense urban area. A project that will take shape with the unique joint realization. Of course, pockets of resistance have formed in the territories and, moreover, above all Cosenza and Rende had always lived with the doors of the bell towers “armored”, the people from Cosenza on this side, the people from Rende on the other. In the middle, prejudice. In the past, selfishness had chased each other, preventing us from reasoning and imagining a different administrative scenario.