Russia attacked Ukraine with 14 bombers. Poland, “One of their missiles violated our airspace”


By John

Russia attacked Ukraine overnight with 14 bombers strategic Tu-95MS took off from the Olenya base, on the Kola peninsula: this was announced by the Air Force, as reported by Ukrainska Pravda. The air alert lasted more than two hours and several groups of missiles were launched in the direction of the Lviv region in western Ukraine.

According to the Polish army, one of the cruise missiles launched by Russia during the night attack on Ukraine briefly violated Polish airspace. “The object entered Polish space near the city of Oserdow and remained there for 39 seconds,” the Warsaw Armed Forces reported on the social platform X writes Sky News. “During the entire flight he was observed by military radar systems.” Previously, the army said Polish and allied aircraft had been activated during the attack to safeguard Poland's airspace.