Cosenza, so many doubts in attack. Mazzocchi could have a chance


By John

Over the course of these days, Fabio Caserta will have to deal with new training dilemmas. The Reggio coach has always admitted, with extreme frankness, that he is happy to find himself managing problems of abundance. In the offensive department, the choices are never obvious or simple. Given the high level of competition, it has so far proved difficult for Massimo Zilli and Valerio Crespi to make an appearance. The Roman attacker, who arrived on loan from Lazio in the summer, managed to obtain it in the second part of the match against Feralpisal√≤, when he was sent onto the pitch to attack the spaces. The Friulian hasn’t been on the pitch since September 3rd. That afternoon, he was given a few minutes at the “Rigamonti” in Brescia. The fight is close because it also involves Florenzi and Voca, who in Caserta’s 4-2-3-1 are reported to occupy a slot in the attacking midfielder battery behind the top striker.
However, the five aces with which Gemmi equipped the staff in the summer remain in front: Tutino, Forte, Marras, present on the banks of the Crati also from January to June, Canotto, and Mazzocchi. Zilli and Crespi can only aim to take the shirt off at least one of the top two. The other three, however, have to watch their backs more from the Sardinian and the former Lucerne player. In the distribution of opportunities, Mazzocchi’s time could come back to strike on Saturday afternoon, with a part-time job after the away match against “Ferraris”. It is more difficult to hypothesize a chance for Zilli in this delicate phase.
Warning against derby. When composing the starting eleven, then, the Reggio coach must take another aspect into consideration. After the break, a meeting with Catanzaro is scheduled. A challenge which, beyond any statement of circumstance, has a particular flavor for classic parochialism. It is worth the same number of points as the others but it is certainly one of the most anticipated races of the year. And Cosenza, on the “eve” of the match with the Giallorossi, has to deal with the double warning accumulated in the match eleven days ago with Spezia. In that case, both Gennaro Tutino and Michael Venturi came within a yellow card of disqualification. Both of them, having gone unpunished against Feralpisal√≤, will have to overcome the harshness of the match against Reggiana to be able to compete against Vivarini’s men. Caserta has practically never given up on them so far. Venturi, protagonist of the momentary advantage against the Lombards, he remained on the bench only in the match against Brescia at the beginning of September. Tutino, for his part, has participated in all the matches played since the season began, with the exception of the away match in La Spezia, the day in which he took over during construction. For this reason, it seems difficult to imagine the exclusion of the two against the Granata. Melito Porto Salvo’s coach was consistent and faithful to some of his principles, shown more clearly in the last period, when he began to dispense minutes even to those who played less.