In Messina the majority is… the opposition


By John

For the first time since the beginning of the mandate – it took almost a year and a half – the city council has a full bureau. That is, a president and two deputies. But if the day after the elections someone had predicted its current composition, with only one member of the majority and two of the opposition, they would probably have been mocked. The point is that the majority is such only from a nominal and therefore political point of view, it is called that because it supports the Administration. But from the numerical point of view of the majority it has had nothing left for quite some time. Since when to be precise Cateno De Luca he resigned as president and, on the immediate eve of the election of his successor, who would then however, albeit daringly, become Nello Pergolizzi, sThe great rift between the Deluchians and the League has taken place, complete with the transfer of three councilors elected from the lists in support of Mayor Basile to the Salvinians.
Today the majority is… the opposition. At least quantitatively and as long as it remains compact (which, given the forced coexistence of various political souls, is certainly not a given). The further certification of an established fact came in the night between Monday and yesterday, with the election of the vice-presidents: first the vicar Mirko Cantello (joke, a former Deluchian who had been given “on loan” to the League list during the election campaign), then the second deputy Giandomenico La Fauci, long-time Genoese. The opposition took everything there was to take. At least what there was to take on this occasion, because the impression is that it didn’t end here.