Cosenza, the complete bitumen work on Via XXIV Maggio will begin tomorrow morning


By John

“Via XXIV Maggio, one of the busiest and, to date, one of the most poorly placed roads in our city center will therefore be completely tarmacked and made safe for both vehicles and pedestrians”. The mayor announces it Franz Caruso who, together with the maintenance councilor, Francesco De Ciccofought to find the funds necessary for the ex novo bituminisation of entire roads left by the past centre-right administration in extremely critical conditions, with bitumen torn up and the presence of enormous potholes which, however, in these first two years of administration led Franz Caruso have been buffered with often urgent coverage and reintegration interventions.

“Today we have the possibility of refurbishing entire streets – continues Franz Caruso – It took more than two years, but we have finally succeeded in our aim, thus keeping faith, as is my custom, on a promise made to my fellow citizens who have rightly always complained about the poor conditions of our urban roads. We will start tomorrow, from via XXIV Maggio, and over time and by always finding new resources, thanks to the organisation's careful and careful economic/financial management, we will continue on other arteries in a more comprehensive redevelopment project”.

“The bitumen work on an entire road – concludes Franz Caruso – they will necessarily cause traffic inconveniences, for which I apologize, but which, however, cannot be avoided. In fact, it is the first time that such widespread work will be carried out on a complex road that connects the entire urban centre, from north to south. At the end of the works, therefore, the whole community will be able to enjoy a road worthy of this name”.

To allow road paving work, with scarification and subsequent bituminisation, the traffic regulations in via XXIV Maggio in the affected area have been temporarily modified to guarantee safety conditions in favor of workers and users.

To this end, a specific ordinance was issued establishing on via XXIV Maggio:

  • the parking ban with removal on both sides and for its entire extension, from 7 am on 9 April to 6 pm on 12 April 2024;
  • the ban on transit, except for rescue and emergency vehicles, authorized vehicles and residents' vehicles where the conditions exist, on the days from 9 to 12 April 2024, from 7:00 to 18:00.