Cosenza, the duty to get up immediately. Caserta: “I understand the fans’ disappointment, but we must all start again together”


By John

Cosenza returns to the “Marulla”, a refuge through which they want to forget the painful stop in Catanzaro. The rossoblù must overcome the Ternana to bring back the smiles of an environment that in certain fringes of the fans seems to be starting to reveal a hint of restlessness. Fabio Caserta presents the match like this: «In this first part of the season we made a few mistakes but I think the ones we played very well were also different. The margin for improvement still exists but it is natural that this is the case, it is unthinkable to reach full maturity after just 13 games. We are making an important journey. Negative and misunderstanding messages must not be passed on. From a mental point of view, I recognize some limitations and we are working to eliminate them. In Catanzaro, however, we put in a good performance. After a few days we managed to put the failed pass against them out of our minds in terms of results and we are fully focused on Ternana. We don’t have to look at the opponent’s ranking. I have seen their recent performances and they have been able to perform very well against very strong opponents. We will take to the field to give a signal to the environment. I understand the fans’ disappointment, but now we must all start again together.”
You change. The coach could present a different eleven for various units compared to the one used against Catanzaro. Regardless of the game system (the transition to 4-3-3 cannot be ruled out) and the men, Cosenza will not change their philosophy. He will enter the field with the aim of scoring the three points, at the cost of conceding something to the opponent. The stop of “Ceravolo” is still fresh – especially in the minds of the fans, who showed some small discontent – and reduces the margin for error. However, the Wolves must not make the mistake of getting caught up in the frenzy, therefore the coach should not give up on Calò’s geometries. Alongside him, however, Zuccon could be seen again, who is missing from the starting eleven for the September match against Palermo.
Doubts are also present in defense and attack. Sgarbi reaches the final sprint ahead of Fontanarosa. In front, however, Tutino appears to be the man chosen to occupy the most advanced spot. Canotto, Mazzocchi and Florenzi are champing at the bit to joust behind him. It would be a totally new set of attacking midfielders. Voca closely follows one between the Sardinian and the Rossonese. The presence of the Kosovar would lead to a slight review of the positions on the pitch.
Opponent. Roberto Breda has called up 22 players. Left back Corrado, disqualified following his sending off against Palermo, and Travaglini, Favilli and Viviani remained at home. The latter three are stuck in the pits for physical reasons. The coach will not give up his 3-4-1-2. In attack, possible ownership for the young Raimondo and Distefano. If Dionisi’s departure from the bench is confirmed, the two will be supported by Falletti. On the line of midfielders, former player Tiago Casasola on the right. On the other hand it should be Celli’s turn. The Umbrians haven’t won for over two months (last success on 30 September against Reggiana, ed.) and will go down with a knife between their teeth to try to ruin the Wolves’ afternoon: D’Orazio and his teammates are warned.