Cosenza, the new police commissioner Giuseppe Cannizzaro takes office: double honor and responsibility to work in my homeland


By John

A life on the front line. The commissioner Giuseppe Cannizzaro took office this morning in Cosenza. He fights against common and organized crime, control of the territory, constant relations with civil society: these are the objectives of the senior manager of the State Police. Police commissioner Cannizzaro worked in Reggio, in the Gioia Tauro plain, in the Lamezzo area, in Tuscany and Friuli and was also involved in the National Anti-Mafia Commission and seconded to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. “It is an honor and a double responsibility for me to work in my land of origin and this pushes me to an ever greater professional commitment to free it from the criminal phenomena that afflict it. I am happy to work in a province rich in great cultural effervescence, in which houses a university of absolute prestige. And I cannot forget that this is the land of one of the geniuses of humanity, that Bernardino Telesio who questioned Aristotle”.