Anci Calabria to the Region: renew the contracts of former mobility recipients in derogation


By John

The president of Anci Calabria, Rosaria Succurroconsidering the function of the National Association of Italian Municipalities as a body supporting the municipalities, wrote to the Region’s Councilor for Work and Training Giovanni Calabrese “to highlight that from October the use projects in the municipalities of the former mobility recipients in derogation will begin to expire”.
A deadline that worries President Succurro, who considers these workers indispensable and fundamental in guaranteeing primary services to our communities “, also given the chronic shortage of permanent staff that municipalities are now experiencing”.
For Rosaria Succurro it is therefore necessary, as well as urgent and unpostponable, to begin the procedural paths aimed at a further extensionalways with the aim of arriving at a fair and necessary stabilization for them: «a breath of fresh air for our bodies, especially for the smaller ones which often manage to guarantee the necessary services to citizens only thanks to the availability and sacrifice of these workers.”
The President of AnciCalabria therefore asks the Regional Councilor for Labor «to activate a table to which all the institutional subjects involved can be invited to promptly address an issue which, I am sure you will agree with me, does not deserve a late and extemporaneous approach».