Cosenza wants to celebrate again: the banned Tutino and Venturi will be on the pitch against Reggiana THE PROBABLE FORMATIONS


By John

Cosenza tries again against Reggiana. After the failed attempt against Feralpisalò, the rossoblù rely on “Marulla” to recover the victory, unknown for 35 days now. Three games and two points won after Lecco but Fabio Caserta maintains balance and self-control when asked if he feels pressure: «This is always there, even when you win. Last Saturday we certainly did badly, I was the first to recognize it. Despite this we got an important draw because we could have lost. However, we have an obligation to analyze every aspect and improve. We have ample margin to be able to do this. The fans have the right to disapprove of our performance through booing, but I don’t just focus on the final result. We know we are not the ones seen with Feralpisalò. I asked the team not to get depressed, just as before it wasn’t right to get excited about a series of positive matches. Let’s look at the positive side and continue to work peacefully.”
The coach gave an example to offer further pieces to his argument: «Until some time ago, Bari’s performance was examined. In recent weeks they have been able to get back on their feet and the victories obtained have also made those draws good which in a they didn’t seem like it at first (the red and whites drew more than anyone else, 8 times: ed.)”.

Attitude. Caserta admitted some difficulty in creating dangers against teams that maintain a low block: «We have to change something because when the opponents remain with a lot of men behind the line of the ball we are encountering more problems. We must remain patient, avoiding verticalization but increasing the phrasing.” He doesn’t make it a physical issue: «The team runs until the 90th minute, this is not our problem. On the contrary, sometimes we struggle to react. Maybe this is holding us back a little.”
Opponent. Reggiana is certainly a treacherous opponent. The Granata occupy the middle range of the ranking, just like the Sila: «They have the best ball possession in the category. They are very good at attacking spaces. A very complicated match awaits us but we will do our best. Like us, however, they also have some difficulties.”
Training. Tutino and Venturi will not miss the appointment: «The most important match is this, we cannot think about Catanzaro therefore I will not let myself be influenced by the warning of both in my choices», explained the coach. He then spoke about the return of Marras and other players in the offensive sector to the group: «Lesser training takes place close to the match, I have to make some considerations regarding his presence from the start. We have players with different characteristics and I can draw from various options. Canotto is very good at attacking depth but at the moment he is not able to do the two phases perfectly because he is still behind physically. Florenzi was stopped for a long time. He needs to find the match rhythm again but he has always sacrificed himself for the team’s balance.” The key runoffs appear to be in that area. Voca outsider for a shirt, this could preclude the possibility of seeing one of Tutino or Forte. With the former Lucerne player we would move to 4-2-3-1, otherwise there would be room for 4-4-2.
Blue bow. Yesterday the call from Italy Under 20 came for Fontanarosa and Zuccon. During the break, they will be involved with Bollini’s national team against England (Thursday 16th at 8pm) and Portugal (Tuesday 21st at 2pm). The two will meet on Monday with the rest of the Azzurri.