The Calabrian dems also took to the streets in Rome. Irto: “The South asks for concrete measures”


By John

«Once again the Democratic Party has taken to the streets to defend citizens from the impositions of the Meloni government, deaf and blind to the real needs of the people, incapable of implementing the Pnrr and hostile towards the South». Senator Nicola Irto, secretary of the Democratic Party of Calabria, stated this in a note, referring to the demonstration that took place in Rome. «With Elly Schlein – adds Irto – our party builds every day the alternative to the incompetent and irresponsible government of the right, listening and involving the individual territories more and more. We focus on social and civil rights, on support for the weakest, on the minimum wage, on public health, on sustainability and on education, training, research and innovation, that is, the foundations of an Italy that can best face the challenges of the future and guarantee dignity and social justice for all, without discrimination between rich and poor and between north and south. With significant participation, the Calabrian Democratic Party gave its contribution to the Rome initiative. The South asks for attention and concrete measures, starting from the right to health, the welfare state and work.”

«We continue to fight – says the Democratic Party senator – for the unity of the country, for democracy and the safeguarding of the balance between the powers of the State, which the right-wing government wants to overturn with an impromptu constitutional reform, which is harmful and only useful to hide the most serious and urgent problems of the country”.