Council and Council of Reggio, parallel lives with a common destiny


By John

The difference is all in the vision. And in the future that you want to imagine for the city. Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà he has his vision (reset and renewal, even if the reset does not concern the faithful Brunetti); the parties and movements have their own: to defend the elected representatives who have brought votes to the cause and have proven to be excellent councilors. This is no small thing, because behind every vision there is also a strategy. It is therefore not enough to look through the eyes of the other to have the same picture and the same vision (of the city). More effort is needed. And, therefore, in this clash of visions it seems physiological that the birth of the new Council is not simple, because everyone believes they can see further than the other but in the meantime there is a present that looms and a city that demands maximum attention.