Corigliano: 140 thousand fireworks weighing one ton seized. There is an arrest


By John

The Financiers of the Cosenza Provincial Command have arrested a person who illegally possessed approximately 140,000 fireworksweighing one ton – extremely dangerous.

During the service activity – resulting from the investigative findings of a series of seizures carried out during the Christmas period, which made it possible to reconstruct the supply chain of pyrotechnic material – the soldiers of the Sibari Group identified and a garage of a three-storey building located in the center of the municipality of Corigliano was searched. It is here that the Financiers found the large quantity of pyrotechnic devices, including many of artisanal workmanship in the absence of any safety requirement, ready to be sold to the clandestine market in view of the New Year.

Due to the very high risk of explosion, given the deadly nature of the fireworks and their storage in a cramped environment inside non-fireproof packaging, the explosive material was immediately removed from the premises by specialized personnel, to safeguard safety of the condominiums and the neighborhood. At the end of the operations, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, the Fiamme Gialle arrested and took the holder/manager of the illicit deposit to the Castrovillari district house.