Council of Corigliano Rossano, the confirmation of Mauro Mitidieri makes its way into the “toto-councillors”


By John

According to last-minute forecasts from the municipality, based on the checks of the lists of which only one remains to be analyzed by the Central Electoral Office, the examination of the minutes received from the 79 polling stations should end today. Therefore, the mayor’s proclamation should take place today, Flavio Stasi and the elected councilors of the two coalitions. It will then take a few days before the council is convened which in the first session, according to the norm, should be convened by the councillor, Lorena Vulcanoelected with the highest electoral figure (preference votes 989, plus list votes 4821 – United for Stasi mayor).
Meanwhile, the main topic of these days remains that of the composition of the City Council which, according to the law, can be made up of a maximum of 8 councilors (in the last executive Stasi appointed 6 councillors). According to the rumors which are waiting to be confirmed, however, Stasi is currently waiting for the official data and is not coming clean, but it is claimed by many that he could reconfirm a good part of the councilors who were not elected.
But there is also talk of the reappointment of councilors who did not run as candidates and who could return to the council. Among these it is indicated Mauro Mitidieri who managed the delegations to general affairs, legal affairs, personnel and efficiency of the municipal machinery.