Messina, the Beach Soccer Village opened in Capo Peloro: the Italian Cup matches from 27 June


By John

The Beach Soccer Village opened yesterday in Capo Peloro, the large area inserted in a surface area of ​​5000 m2 which will liven up until June 30th with a series of activities such as shows, sports, street food, social and environmental initiatives the Puntocuore Italian Cup of Beach Soccer Serie Awhose matches will take place next week from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th June, in the Arena Beach Stadium in Torre Faro from 11am to 9pm, kick-off of the last match.

The sporting event, with free entry, is organized by the National Amateur League Beach Soccer Department and co-organised and sponsored by the Municipality of Messina with the patronage of the Tourism Department of the Sicilian Region and the ARS.

“In the showcase” not only are sports played in the Arena Beach Stadium with its 1200 seats, but also many evocative images of Capo Peloro, which will allow all spectators to watch the Beach Soccer matches and collateral events in a of suggestive beauty, where it will be possible to admire the natural reserve of the Capo Peloro Lagoon, also known as the Lighthouse Tower or simply the Strait of Messina. The protected natural area of ​​the Sicilian Region established in 2001 is one of the most enchanting places in Sicily, managed by the Metropolitan City of Messina, with the aim of safeguarding, according to the guidelines of the legislation on protected areas, a singular aquatic environment where species live aquatics, molluscs and crustaceans, as well as being a resting place for avifauna along the migratory route of the Strait of Messina. It will thus be possible to enjoy a sporting event in a setting, the beach of Capo Peloro, as a habitat rich in biodiversity for its flora and fauna which hosts communities of unique biocenoses and extensive formations of biotopes protected at community level, unique in all the Mediterranean Sea.


From today, Thursday 20th to 30th June, within the Beach Soccer Village there will be, among others, the Street Food & Beverage Area “promoted by Etnazar, the heart of the village, coordinated by Daniele De Vincenzo who has selected a team of rigorously qualified food and wine operators Sicilians who will propose a “taste journey” from savory to sweet and craft beer through the most loved traditional products. Participants will include, among others, Enzo Piedimonte, head of the food department of Casa SanRemo 2024, Giovanni Famà, also present at Casa Sanremo and the meat advisor Antonio Gino Campanella, head of Sicily for the steak house 2024 guide, a point of reference on the island for maturing of meat and fish.

On 26 June, at 6pm in Capo Peloro, the opening ceremony of the Italian Serie A Beach Soccer Cup will take place in the presence of the mayor of Messina Federico Basile, the municipal councilor for Sport and Major Events Massimo Finocchiaro, the coordinator of the Beach Department Soccer FIGC-National Amateur League Roberto Desini, of the president of the Sicily Regional Committee FIGC – National Amateur League of Sicily Sandro Morgana, of the member of the National Council of the BS LND Department for the Sicily Region Giuseppe Bosco, of the member of the Beach Soccer Department Fabio Nicosia, of the the sports expert of the Municipality of Messina Francesco Giorgio.

The event in which 16 teams from the top Serie A championship will participate it will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of the National Amateur League. DAZN will closely follow the Coppa Italia Puntocuore with a new section in the app dedicated to Beach Soccer where you can review the summaries of the match days, the best plays, the highlights, the best goals and much more. Approximately 3000 athletes and professionals will be present per day, to which will be added a significant spin-off, who will be able to enjoy a high-profile national and international sports tourism event in one of the locations, already defined by the authoritative National Geographic as the best of Italy for panoramas, which will combine the environment, sea and sport, giving life to an activity of promotion and valorisation of the territory thanks to the arrivals and presences from all over the world, who will thus have the opportunity to discover and contribute to making known a unique setting for incomparable beauty and environmental value.

All the strongest Italian and international Beach Soccer players are expected in Messina, including some world champions from Brazil. There will be no shortage of Italy’s Azzurri Sciacca, Giordani, Fazzini, Genovali, Bertacca, Miceli, Josep Jr, Carpita, Remedi, Casapieri, Paterniti and Emmanuele Zurlo, the latter, a thoroughbred striker, has written indelible pages in the history of Catania and of the Italian national team. There will also be Gabriele Gori who shattered all goals scored records in Serie A and the national team.