Crime in Lamezia, municipality worker found bleeding in the workplace


By John

A worker employed by the Municipality of Lamezia Terme, whose details were not disclosed, was found with a bleeding head and some fractured ribs in the building where the works section of the organization where the man was carrying out his work is located. his duties. Some of his colleagues found the worker with a bleeding head. Labor Inspectorate personnel intervened on site together with the Carabinieri. The injured man was hospitalized with a guarded prognosis in Catanzaro hospital, but he is not in a pharmacological coma. He underwent surgery for the fracture of two vertebrae. The worker also suffered skull injuries and suffered a cerebral hematoma.

The Lamezia Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the matter, delegating the investigation to the Carabinieri. The military launched investigations to reconstruct the story and seized the room where the worker was found injured in order to carry out the necessary investigations to reconstruct the facts. The hypothesis being made is that the worker was attacked or had an argument, while he was at work, with a person who then left but there is also the hypothesis – according to investigative sources – that he may have been the victim of an accident at work. The worker, according to the same sources, fell from a mezzanine while he was carrying out some work and was alone at the time. There are therefore no witnesses to what happened, nor did any camera document the facts.