Shadows and lights, the photographs of Diego Rotella are on display at the Teatro dei 3 Mestieri in Messina


By John

The personal photographic exhibition of Diego Rotella, born in Rome, born in 1997.

From the age of twelve he began to study photography as a self-taught and until he was eighteen he constantly tested himself with shots and photo shoots, also becoming passionate about videos.

While still a boy, alongside photographers in the capital, he took part in some public events, including an open day of training for the inmates of the Casal del Marmo juvenile prison alongside Fabio Anghelone, official photographer of ACEA and former RAI stage photographer. Obtained the linguistic high school diploma,

he was included in the limited selection of the “Gian Maria Volontè” School of Cinematographic Art, where three years later he graduated specializing in Scene Editing. Among the names of his teachers, that of the well-known editor stands out Marco Spoletini, winner, among other awards, of two David Donatello awards. With Spoletini acting as his mentor and teacher, Rotella has been participating since assistant editor on two films: “Made in Italy”, directed by Luciano Ligabue and “Non ci resta che ilcrime”, directed by Massimiliano Bruno.

His CV includes two exhibitions in particular: the first “Leben mit – Der utopie” at the Maximilians forum in Munich; the second at Villa Torlonia, in the premises of the German embassy, where his works were guests of the photographer Benedict Esche’s atelier. With the latter, Rotella is now collaborating on the release of a photography book. As a freelance video-maker he also worked with the record company Honiro on numerous rapper videos within the experimental urban music scene, taking part in trips to various cities in Italy.

Rotella’s works, videos and photographic services, for commercial activities in the capital, parties and private events are countless. He was also the creator and creator of the ONCA logo, an Italian clothing brand born in 2019. His frequent trips to European cities, especially London and Barcelona, ​​have contributed to making his lens a coherent “eye” that manages to capture the beauty in every moment, in every subject of everyday life: each of his shots passionately tells a story that goes beyond appearance. He currently works as a professional freelance photographer and film-maker in the capital, not disdaining trips abroad.