Crotone, Active Citizenship certificates awarded by the administration to associations active in the area committed to promoting the enjoyment and protection of the common good


By John

The awards were given certificates of merit to the citizens’ associations for the activities carried out within the framework of the Active citizenship promoted by the Municipality of Crotone; the ceremony took place today, July 1, in the Council Chamber. The initiative demonstrates the administration’s desire to express gratitude to the world of citizen associations for their daily commitment to the community. A simple, but not banal, way to say thank you to the associations that look at the city with sincere love, that work for its growth and development, that are witnesses to the real meaning of community and interpreters of the full sense of belonging. The representatives of the associations were received by the Mayor Vincenzo Vocethe Councilor for Culture Nicola Corigliano, the Councilor for Public Works Rossella Parise, the President of the III Council Commission Antonella Passalacqua, the President of the V Council Commission Paolo Acri.
Thank you for what you do for the city, thank you for your example. Not only the administration but the entire city community is grateful for your commitment. With this certificate we want the activity that you carry out daily in the service of citizens to remain forever imprinted in the annals of the city of Crotone. The administration has opened a dialogue with the world of associations that look to the growth of our territory” said Mayor Voce.
In his speech, Councillor Corigliano, who promoted the initiative, in addition to reiterating his gratitude to the representatives of the associations, recalled that the administration has equipped itself with a Register of Active Citizenship, which has the purpose of promoting the participation and collaboration of citizens in carrying out activities of general interest, solidarity, integration and not substitution of municipal institutional services, provided for solidarity purposes. A way to involve associations but also individual citizens in active participation in public life, an opportunity for social aggregation as well as to strengthen the sense of community. “I would like to thank each of you, each individual person becomes important both for the present but above all for the future of the city” said President Passalacqua. Each representative of the associations received a parchment with the motivation for the certificate of merit: “Sharing the enjoyment and protection of the common good is a concept that makes the difference, fully responding to the regeneration process that sees the assumption of responsibility by each citizen. A cultural process in which the association is fully protagonist”.

The ones who received the certificate were: associations: Agorà Kroton, Friends of the German, Giordano Bruno Free Thought Association, Milone Association, United for Health Association Section of Crotone, CW Schumann Academy of Music, Art and Entertainment, ASVES, City of Crotone Music Band, Hippos Equestrian Center, Crotone in Bloom, Compagnia dello Ionio, Controtempo Theater, Dante Alighieri Society, D’Ettoris Foundation, Giama’ Fishing, Amateur Photography Group, Iris Theater Association, Krotografia, Kroma, Crotone Naval League, Leonardo Vinci Study Center, Free Women, Maria Taglioni Dance School, Mousikè, Nine Art & Show, New Pythagorean School, Paideia Association, Schola Italika, Beethoven Society ACAM, Dragonfly Theater, Maruca Theater, Upmed, The Singer, Skenè cultural association.