Crotone sinks: everything is easy for Latina who moves to “Scida”


By John

MARKERS: 18'st Capanni, 25'st Mazzocco, 36'st Fella, 46'st Gomez.
CROTONE (4-2-3-1): Dini 4.5; Leo 4.5, Loiacono 5, Gigliotti 5.5 (1'st Bove 5), Giron 5; Zanellato 5, Felippe 5 (21'st Vitale 5); Bruzzaniti 5.5 (1st Crialese 5), D'Ursi 5.5 (25th D'Errico 5), Tribuzzi 5; Comi 5.5 (1st Gomez 5). All. Baldini 5.
LATINA (3-4-2-1): Earnings 6.5; De Santis 6.5, Cortinovis 6.5 (37'st Di Renzo sv), Marino 6.5; Ercolano 6.5, Mazzocco 7, Riccardi 6.5, Crecco 6.5; Paganini 6.5 (43'st Perseu), Capanni 7 (24'st Fella 7); Mastroianni 6.5 (24'st Fabrizi 6.5). Enclosure Fontana 7.
REFEREE: Djurdjevic of Trieste 6.
NOTE: Tickets n. 582 grossing 2,164.00. Subscribers 3,341 with an accrual of 10,710.69. Total titles 3,923 collection 12,874.69. Booked: De Santis, Comi, Bove, Guadagno, D'Errico. Angles: 5-5. Recoveries: 0' pt, 4' st

CROTONE – When the cure is worse than the disease. Baldini's Crotone just can't find its identity, showing a clear involution from all points of view. The Calabrians clearly lost 3-1 against Latina who in the first half appeared orderly and compact in defence, in the second half they took advantage of a confusing Crotone, lacking in ideas, unrecognizable. The Pontini took the lead in the 18th minute of the second half with Capanni, after 7' they doubled their lead with Mazzocco and in the 36th minute they scored a trio with Fella. Truly unseemly show at the “Scida”. In the 46th minute Gomez scored the winning goal which was worth little or nothing. The rossoblu' management will have to really think hard about the situation which appears really difficult.