Tension rises in the Red Sea, the Houthis hit the MSC container ship. Aspides mission to vote in Italy


By John

On the day in which the House and Senate will vote on military missions – including the European Aspides mission of which Italy will take command – the Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked the container ship MSC Sky II, flying the Liberian flag and owned by Switzerland, headed towards Djibouti. A fire broke out on board and was subsequently put out by the crew.

However, the commander made it known that there were no injuries on board. Centcom announced this, explaining that two missiles were launched against the vessel, 91 nautical miles south-east of Aden. The first ended up in the water, while the second hit the container ship causing some damage. The vessel is now continuing its course.

The role of Italy, the head of the Navy Credendino: “The Duilio ship is ready to face threats”

«The destroyer Caio Duilio has the sensors and armaments needed to face threats, but above all extensive training. We have target drones that are very similar to those of the Houthis and before leaving we prepare the crews to shoot them down using the on-board cannons.” This was underlined in an interview with Repubblica by Admiral Enrico Credendino, Chief of Staff of the Navy. Credendino then underlines: «We only act in a defensive manner». And regarding the protection of infrastructures in the seabed he states: “We need to know who transits the seabed, where they do it and why. Therefore we need sensors, command centers and drones capable of intervening, guided by motherships which will in turn be with or unmanned. It is a sector in which we must invest: the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto, speaking at the launch of the Diving Centre, said that the resources for the seabed must be equal to those for Space”.