Crotone, two new school canteens thanks to Pnrr funds


By John

The interventions envisaged by the PNRR find concrete expression not only in the construction of sports facilities, work on which is currently underway, but also in other measures such as those relating to Mission 4 Education. This is the case of the new school canteens of the Alcmeone (via Saffo) and Rosmini – Anna Frank institutes, the construction works of which were delivered today. This was communicated by the councilor to the PNRR Luca Bossi. This is an intervention for a total of 572,000 euros that the administration obtained as part of the project proposals presented pursuant to the PNRR and which brought over 30 million euros into the municipal coffers.

Funding that the administration is already putting to good use through the implementation of the planned interventions, which include the two new school canteens.

“With the delivery of the work on the two new canteens, a further piece is added to the activity we have implemented regarding the PNRR. An activity that was possible thanks to the working group led by the manager Clara Caroli which includes the engineer. Tommaso Blandino and in the specific case of the canteens the engineer. Manlio Caiazza, the architect. Commodores, the surveyor Battigaglia, the engineer. Giuseppe Parise, the engineer. Brasacchio and the architect. Fraziano. With the two new canteens there will be the possibility for institutes to extend full time in line with the standards of other Italian and European municipalities” declares councilor Bossi.