The narco Raffaele Imperiale, the “Van Gogh boss”, gives Italy an island near Dubai. Total sentences of 209 years are requested


By John

Is called Taiwan and belongs to an archipelago artificially created in front of Dubai, the island that the international drug trafficker, through his lawyers, decided to hand over, as he also did for two very precious paintings by Van Vogh, to the Italian authorities.

During the indictment underway in the court of Naples before the preliminary hearing judge Maria Luisa Miranda, the anti-mafia prosecutor of Naples Maurizio De Marco recalled the seizures carried out so far by the judicial authority, which also included an impressive arsenal found last March in Giugliano in Campania and the acquisition of the “treasure” in bitcoin, worth 1.8 million euros, also attributable to the international drug trafficker Raffaele Imperialeannexed last 16 November to the Single Justice Fund (FUG).

Imperiale, after the expulsion from the United Arab Emirates, began its path of collaboration with Justice on 15 October 2022. He had previously released statements on 7 October 2022. According to the anti-mafia prosecutor Maurizio De Marco, it is clear that the process was started “to obtain the benefits provided for by law”, De Marco reiterated also because “for the first time in jail”. “The depth of his statements – the prosecutor said – is being explored while the genuineness of the statements made, about which there are no doubts, is not”.

The island to which Imperiale referred is located off the coast of the artificial archipelago «New world community», off the coast of the United Arab Emirates and was named Taiwan. It is registered to a company whose lawyers have sent a letter to the Neapolitan Prosecutor’s Office with which they make it available to the judicial authority. Imperiale said he bought it seven years ago for a dozen million. Today its value would be around 60-70 million. The offer is being examined by the Prosecutor’s Office which remains cautious because it is an asset that is difficult to acquire for the State. In his indictment, prosecutor De Marco asked for Imperiale to be sentenced to 14 years and 9 months in prison with the recognition of the mitigating circumstances provided for collaborators of justice equivalent to the aggravating circumstances.

Naples anti-mafia prosecutor Maurizio De Marco has asked for sentences totaling around 209 years as part of the trial with the abbreviated rite that is being celebrated before the magistrate Maria Luisa Miranda which sees twenty alleged members of the criminal association aimed at cocaine trafficking headed by the international drug trafficker Raffaele Imperiale, originally from Castellamare di Stabia (Naples) as defendants , arrested in Dubai in 2021 and now a collaborator with justice. For Imperiale, the DDA asked for 14 years, 9 months and 10 days. For him and his closest collaborators – Bruno Carbone, Corrado Genovese and Daniele Ursini – who provided support to the investigators (Imperiale and Carbone as collaborators of justice) prosecutor De Marco asked for the recognition of the extenuating circumstances provided for collaborators of justice equivalent to the aggravating circumstances.