Crotone, Voce announces his re-nomination: the mayor tries to unite “his” people


By John

Mayor Vincenzo Voce will run again to lead the Municipality in the 2025 administrative elections. This was announced by the mayor himself with a long private message sent to the majority councilors in recent days. Voce has probably already been thinking about re-nomination for a while, but the announcement was anticipated by the news circulating about alleged movements of councilors from his majority into new groups also made up of colleagues from the minority. In recent days, in fact, councilors Ioppoli and Mazzei had had close meetings with the regional councillor Antonello Talerico to join the “We moderates” party, a party that already includes councilor Carmen Giancotti and also seems very close to the president of the city council Mario Megna. Precisely to avoid the enlistment of his “loyalists” in a centre-right party, Voce would have accelerated the process by announcing a new political project “to him” together with his re-nomination. Project of regional scope too, which, according to what was written by Voce, should be reborn from the ashes of the “Tesoro Calabria” movement of Carlo Tansi in which the mayor began his career. Voce, in quite harsh tones, also warned his followers that in the future there will be no room for any traitors, understood as those who at this moment are not willing to support the majority of him. What is certain is that the attempt to unite his majority also clashes on a daily basis with the same excessively civic nature of the individual members of his team who also showed their rope yesterday, failing to guarantee a quorum in the Council.