Crotone, waste thrown along state road 106. Anas and Municipality vehicles collect 4 tons


By John

Anas and the Municipality of Crotone are engaged in the fight against degradation caused by waste abandoned along the state road 106 ‘Jonica’. The activities, carried out by Anas personnel and vehicles, involved the cleaning of the lay-bys along state road 106 from km 251,000 to km 254,000. Along the stretch, 4 tons of waste were collected, transported for disposal by municipal staff. In order to combat the phenomenon of illegal waste storage by unknown persons, Anas has also installed a system of camera traps.

Anas’ objective is to address the phenomenon of waste abandonment by intervening in an increasingly timely manner, in concert with local authorities and police forces, both in terms of coordination of collection, transport and disposal interventions, and in terms of prevention and surveillance of the territory. Anas, a company of the FS Italiane Group, remembers that when you drive, Just Drive! No distractions, no alcohol, no drugs for your safety and that of others ( For informed mobility, the evolution of the traffic situation in real time can also be consulted on all smartphones and tablets, thanks to the Anas “VAI” application, available free of charge in the “App store” and “Play store”. The “Pronto Anas” customer service can be reached by calling the toll-free number 800.841.148.