Putin speaks: “Russia will never be defeated in Ukraine”


By John

Russia will never be defeated in Ukraine and NATO “must accept Moscow’s territorial gains”. This is the message to the West Vladimir Putin, than in a two-hour interview with the controversial former Fox news anchor and supporter of Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, has had its say not only on the conflict with Kiev but also on the future of relations with the United States, opening up to a possible release of the Wall Street Journal journalist Evan Gershkovich, arrested in Russia almost a year ago, and assuring that Moscow has no intention of invade its neighbors. “Russia’s defeat in Ukraine is impossible by definition,” the tsar declared in what, rather than an interview, was one of his classic monologues with few questions from the right-wing journalist. “It will never happen that Russia is defeated,” insisted the tsar, underlining that NATO must accept Moscow’s territorial gains in Ukraine.

Putin then said that «the peace plans were almost finalized, but Kiev threw them away and obeyed the West’s orders to fight Russia to the last.” Only to then add that “sooner or later an agreement will be reached”. As for the expansion of the war, which the countries on NATO’s eastern flank have feared since the invasion almost two years ago, the Kremlin leader made it clear that “the invasion of Poland or Latvia is out of the question”. “We simply have no interest” in expanding the war, Putin told Carlson, warning however that “in one case I would send troops if Poland attacked Russia.” The Kremlin leader was also pressed on Joe Biden and the US presidential elections, a topic that many analysts feared was being addressed at a delicate moment in American politics. According to many, in fact, it is no coincidence that Putin decided to speak to a reporter from the enemy country at this very moment. The Kremlin leader limited himself to a sarcastic comment regarding the US president. “I don’t remember the last time I spoke to Biden,” he said.

While Regarding Trump, the czar underlined that he has a good personal relationship. «I had a good relationship with him, but it’s not a question of leadership in relations between the US and Russia, it’s a question of mentality», he underlined, recalling that «I also had an excellent relationship with Bush. I know that in the United States he was portrayed as a kind of country boy who didn’t understand anything. I assure you that this is not the case. I think he made many mistakes towards Russia, but he put pressure on the Europeans.” «He was no worse than any other American, Russian or European politician and he understood what he was doing better than the others. I also had a good personal relationship with Trump,” Putin underlined. “It’s not a question of leader, it’s a question of mentality.” Then, in what seemed like a message to the American Congress which in recent days must approve the law on financing Ukraine, Putin said: “I want to say to the US leadership: if you really want the war to end, stop supplying weapons.” . Finally, a timid opening on the Wall Street Journal reporter. The tsar said he was open to an agreement: «It is not a taboo subject, but under «certain conditions. I also want him to return to his homeland.”