Crowd of faithful from Girifalco and Gimigliano in Porto to commemorate the origins of the Sanctuary


By John

Also this year the appointment with the memory of the origin of the sanctuary of Porto was a success with great popular participation for the devotees of the Madonna of Porto. As per now consolidated tradition, a local community welcomed the copy of the pilgrim image of the Virgin, organizing a solemn Marian week. This year, the Girifalco community led by the priest accepted the invitation of the Basilica’s management Francesco Antonio De Gori. An intense week of faith, devotion and spirituality that animated the community and social life of Girifalco with an edifying and spontaneous popular participation in the rites and functions. The celebrations reached their climax with the solemn Eucharistic concelebration which was held at the Basilica of Porto, during which the Municipal Administration of Girifalco and the parricchis offered the oil for the votive lamp which remains lit at the main altar in front of the “cona” built by Pietro Gatto way back in 1751. A significant moment of faith and spirituality that united the two populations historically closely linked to the Marian cult of Gimigliano. At the end of the function, the Marian torchlight procession took place which ended in front of the ancient sanctuary which houses the cone built by Pietro Gatto.