Ludovica Pantusa from Cosenza is also among the 25 best students in Italy


By John

There is also a Calabrian, Ludovica Pantusa from Cosenza, among the 25 best students in Italy. The awards ceremony took place this morning at the Quirinale. The requirements to participate in the mega selection organized by the National Federation of Knights of Labor were quite stringent: minimum grade of 9/10 at the middle school diploma and at least 8/10 average for each of the first four years of high school. And to conclude: a score of 100/100 in the state exam, better if accompanied by praise. The award was established by in 1961 to coincide with the centenary of the unification of Italy. The twenty-five students are chosen by no more than one per province from among the best recommended by school principals throughout Italy.

This year, the geographical origin of the Alfieri is balanced between the divisions: 11 students come from the regions of northern Italy, 4 from the center and 10 from institutes in the South. There are 16 regions represented. Of the winners, 15 are female students and 10 are male students. This year there are some records. It had never happened that almost the entire group of Italian brainiacs came from high schools: 24 have in fact obtained a high school diploma and only 1 a technical diploma. There are no students from professional institutes. The averages are very high, ranging from 9.83 to 10. Almost all of them, 24 out of the total, were also recognized as model students by the high school graduation commissions which awarded them honors. Another record concerns the students who presented themselves for the selection with an average of 10 out of 10. There are 8 students, almost one in three, who throughout their entire course of higher education have never obtained a 9 (or less) in the final report card. Always all ten. Almost half of the group, 12 students, enrolled in medical school and 7 in engineering.

Ludovica Pantusa, comes from the Fermi of Cosenza. All ten on the report card for four years with a passion for the harp. He chose to enroll in Medicine and Surgery.

Who are the 25 Bishops

The 25 Alfieri del Lavoro selected in 2023 and awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic today are: Giada Bellelli (Modena), Michele Bertoli (Udine), Alessandro Burzacchini (Bologna), Antonietta Anita Cacioppo (Agrigento), Maria Cantillo (Salerno), Veronica Capone (Lecce), Emanuele Giuseppe Capri (Frosinone), Lorenzo Citterio (Belluno), Alessio Giuseppe Corvaia (Enna), Giuseppe di Fazio (Latina), Francesca Di Sabatino (Teramo), Beatrice Gramegna (Imperia), Antonio Iannarelli (Isernia) , Rosa Legramandi (Bergamo), Samuele Mignogna (Campobasso), Ludovica Pantusa (Cosenza), Mariagrazia Razzano (Caserta), Giulia Sartelli (Macerata), Luigia Maria Semino (Alessandria), Marco Solesio (Biella), Katharina Stieger (Bolzano), Anna Toso (Verona), Lucrezia Valgimigli (Siena), Federica Venturelli (Cremona), Emanuele Vita (Brindisi).