CSA-CISAL: “In the 2024 budget, a measure that penalizes future Calabrian pensioners. It must be eliminated”


By John

“The forecast contained in the 2024 Budget Law, the discussion of which will begin in Parliament in the next few days, on future pensions in the Local Functions sector is of particular concern. The hypothesized cut in social security return rates for pensions paid from 1 January 2024, with a pension share of less than 15, appears to be a highly unfair measure which unjustifiably penalizes workers in local authorities, including the Calabria Region”.
“For this reason – explains the union leader Gianluca Tedesco -, we can only support the clear position taken by the general secretary of the CSA Regions Local Autonomies, Francesco Garofalo, who last November 3rd sent a letter to the president of the Council of Ministers , Giorgia Meloni, and to the ministers for Public Administration and Economy and Finance, Paolo Zangrillo and Giancarlo Giorgetti respectively. The letter requests the removal of article 33 of the current draft of the 2024 budget law which, according to realistic projections, would produce an annual loss of up to 20% of salary for future pensioners in the sector. It is clear that without backtracking on this measure, all that will remain is the weapon of the strike.”
For Gianluca Tedesco: “A significant contingent of regional employees could suffer the penalizing effects of this measure. It is legitimate for the government to be concerned about the stability of the country’s public finances, however, it cannot always be just the usual suspects who pay, given that workers in the Local Functions sector have already suffered worse treatment in the recent past. Let’s think about the failure to advance the IVC (contractual holiday allowance) to the employees of Local Authorities (unlike state ones) provided for by the Advances Decree, leaving these workers exposed to the effects of inflation due to the long times in renewing contracts. The CSA-Cisal union of the Calabria Region will join all the initiatives necessary to remove this unjust rule which is a harbinger of inequalities”.