Death anniversary of Sergio Ramelli, Hon. Wanda Ferro: “We proceed with the naming of a street in Catanzaro”


By John

“While the audience at the Fratelli d'Italia programmatic conference in Pescara pays homage to the memory of Enrico Berlinguerand from the stage the daughter of the communist leader, Bianca, recalls the emotion for the Primavalle fire, and the suffering for the blood tribute paid by young militants of the right and left during the years of lead, reiterating the need for pacification national, in Catanzaro the request to name a city street after Sergio Ramelli, approved years ago by the toponymy commission and the council. On the day that marks 49 years since the death of the Youth Front student, massacred with a wrench at just 18 years of age by a Vanguard Workers commando, I ask the mayor Nicola Fiorita to follow up on that decision, as also requested by some city councilors. An act that would be consistent, among other things, with the naming of a place in the city after President Pertini who, with the desire to end that horrible season of political hatred, went to the bedside of the young militant of the Youth Front Paolo Di Nella, who was also killed in a ferocious attack.” This is what the Hon. says. Wanda Ferro (FDI), Undersecretary of the Interior, who continues: “The murder of Sergio Ramelli was one of the most brutal political crimes of those years. Sergio died after 48 days of agony, following the ambush carried out on 13 March 1975 by left-wing extremists who decided to punish him for the opinions expressed in a school essay in which he had criticized the actions of the Red Brigades and the lack of institutional condolence for the killing in an ambush of the Paduan Missini militants Mazzola and Giralucci. Sergio was not violent, he was a boy like many others who lived his young age between study and political passion. His dramatic agony and his heartbreaking death are the emblem of a season of ideological fury that always risks recurring, albeit with different forms, modalities and positions. The aim of the institutions must be to build a shared memory and a necessary pacification, especially reminding the younger ones, also through symbolic gestures such as the naming of a street, of the cost in terms of pain and suffering of those years of violence”.